Olivia, Morgan and Hazel…Those Crazy Trannycats!!

August 6, 2009

thirsty shemales

Fans of the girls are always asking me what it’s like to hang out with the hottest tranny porn stars. It can be fun. But it can also be a lot of work. You really have to know how to treat them well…but learn how to discipline them as well.

Just recently Olivia Love, Morgan Bailey and Hazel Tucker weren’t playing well together in the house so I had to put them out in the backyard.  I did give them a fresh bowl of  “punch” and as you can see…they were very thirsty trannycats. The more dominant tranny can get downright nasty!

thirsty shemales 2

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  1. Whatchoo puttin in da Kool-Aid Buddy ? lol You live like a king good sir and i salute you … and when do i score an invite to a pool party? Take it easy Buddy , Rockas gotta roll.

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