Domino Presley brings that bootie!!

September 2, 2010

5DominoPresleyBW 106

I’ve been shooting a lot with my girl Domino Presley lately and I did promise to show a bit of this so here’s a pic that will be going up on sometime in the next few weeks. Domino and I had a great meeting with the people at Blue Moon Nights tonight where she will be the new hostess of the night and all festivities. I’ll share some more info and pics tomorrow before the club. It’s late and I have a shoot with Foxxy tomorrow….whew!!

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  1. Domino is the best T girl I have ever seen. She has the most beautiful facial structure, a cute petite body, she has that hourglass shapes, nice smooth skin, and I have even had the honor of meeting her in person. Sweetest girl ive ever meet. She is a Dream come true!!!! Thank you for bringing us this treasure Buddy!!!!!

  2. OMG!!!!!! That has got to be one of the best looking booties in the world. What I wouldn’t give to have a shot at it.

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