Cuddle up next to Doll for a Bedtime Story!!

August 13, 2009

1Doll 126

Another scene in my newest DVD…Shemale Bedtime Stories… features the saucy little T-temptress Doll. She has one of the lovliest asses in the biz. Her and Jessica Host  actually have brilliant asses. So hey there’s 2 of the lovliest asses in tranny porn in this DVD so far…in my opinion anyway.

This tranny firecracker is like a barrel of monkeys on viagra…but way sexier. She just exudes “cum-fuck-me”. We shot this scene quite a few months back too – by now she probably thinks I kept it for my private collection. It’s a great scene with her and Christian where they just really go at it and fuck like horned up jack rabbits. I think they almost broke my infamous futon. Great scene!!

1Doll 253

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4 Responses

  1. Some liked to be tucked in at night … i’d prefer her un-tucked all night. 😉 Who else will be at this sleepover ?

  2. i love her but i cant find videos of her

  3. I love her. Forget tucking her in i’m getting in the bed with her, but i’m having the same problem finding videos of her too. She is so sexy i just want and gotta see more of her.

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