TS Gaby Debuts On Shemale Yum Courtesy Of Buddy Wood!

March 3, 2010

Gaby on Shemale Yum!

The first few pictures of this set of Gaby, shot by Buddy Wood for Shemale Yum, remind me of those senior picture photos that you always see at photography studios as examples of their work… or those photos that are pre-inserted in picture frames that you buy at the store… know the ones? I actually (and weirdly) like those photos so I hope Buddy takes that as a compliment ūüôā

Anyway… notice I said, the first ‘few pictures…’ Cause once you get a little ‘into’ the set, things definitely take a turn that I haven’t seen any senior photos take… I’ll let you go ahead and figure out for yourself what I’m talking about there but the second picture in this post should give you a hint of good things to come.

Gaby on Shemale Yum! Gaby on Shemale Yum!


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Domino is fucking GORGEOUS!!!!

February 25, 2010


Another Grooby newbie¬†for everyone to thoroughly enjoy and a fantastic model that I’m honored to be the first to¬†shoot … Domino. I can’t say enough good things about this sweet girl. Holy shit is she fuckin’¬†hot or what!! She’s was visiting L.A. from Atlanta and I contacted her¬†(although she says she was going to contact me too) and we set up¬†some solo¬†shoots that will be out on www.shemaleyum.com¬†sometime in the¬†next few weeks.


She’s pretty damn close to¬†perfect overall. Sexy and¬†toned with an amazing body and ass¬†(this girl has a BOOTY!!!!) and a¬†dropdead gorgeous face¬†with an insatiable sexual apetite from what I can tell. And she’s cool! That’s always nice. Domino could go very far in this biz and it¬†seems like she wants to. What does everyone think…should I get her back for a hardcore scene before she leaves L.A.?


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Hot Coco on a cold night!!!

February 21, 2010


Coco is a gorgeous new girl who was visiting L.A. from Cincinatti Ohio of all places. Nothing wrong with Ohio…I used to parry there a lot…just looking at her it’s one of the last places I would have guessed she was from. Anyway I contacted her on the only day she was available and she was very excited to shoot and we had a blast!! She’s stunning!! Beautiful face and a great body…fantastic grooby newbie which you’ll see up on www.shemaleyum.com in the next few weeks…I just had to post a few shots up here right away. Enjoy!!


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Happy Valentine’s Day from me!!

February 15, 2010


And from www.hazel-tucker.com. I gotta say Hazel gave me (and all of you)¬†one of the best cum shots I’ve ever seen her give for this shoot…and she gave it right on the lens of my video camera. I was expecting a few drips or a nice plop…but then I got scared for my HD cam and expensive lens when she super soaked that sucker. I didn’t know she had it in her…literally. You gotta check it out. Go to www.hazel-tucker.com and check out the free clip and then join the damn site if you haven’t!! The site’s been¬†up a good 4 months now so plenty of¬†content up and loads more coming!!

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Come Buddy Up To Your Favorite Shemale Pornstars At The 2009 Tranny Awards Ceremony!

February 14, 2010

2009 Tranny Awards Ceremony!

You’ve seen Buddy Wood’s handy-work here on his Blog and the other Grooby sites that he shoots content for and perhaps in doing so, you’ve fallen for a particular beauty who you’d do just about anything to see in ‘real life’. Well, you just may get your opportunity… Announcing the inaugural ceremony honoring the winners and recipients of the 2009 Tranny Awards!

We really hope you’ll all come out and help support the girls and industry insiders who brought you all the awesome content you’ve enjoyed through 2009. The Tranny Awards are the first and only awards given exclusively to either Transsexual entertainers or to those who work behind the scenes in the Shemale Porn Industry. You can bet that some of today’s top Shemale talents will be making appearances at the ceremony and who knows who you’ll be bumping and grinding next to on the dance floor!

Please, mark the date and if you can make it, we’d love to see you there… There will be PLENTY of eye candy to entertain your brain and everyone knows that Tgirls LOVE to party hard so come prepared! See you there!


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Ashley George comes to L.A.!!

February 12, 2010


Little Ashley George has made quite a splash¬†over the past few months¬†on¬†various sites and on all the tranny lovin’ boards. I actually first contacted Ashley¬†about a year ago and at the time she was very excited to start shooting and¬†told me she’d give me a call when she graduated…I had no idea she meant high school. lol.¬†She reassured me she was 18 (she actually¬†just turned 19 last week) and I was really hoping to be the first to work with Ashley. It didn’t pan out and Tony Vee got his lenses on her first for www.shemaleyum.com¬†and an awesome debut.


Ashley finally made it out to L.A. a few weeks ago with my friend¬†Jasmine Jewels (of www.jasmine-jewels.com) who is the official photographer of Ashley’s new site (www.ashley-george.com)¬†and we all¬†got to hang out quite a bit.¬†Little Ashley is just¬†a really sweet girl. She’s actually beyond sweet and goes into a whole new territory of sweetness that is hard to define. Yes you really want to fuck her when you meet her…but you also wanna take her on a ferris wheel and buy her cotton candy. A beautiful smile and an innocence that is completely endearing. And she’s not naive by any means. This girl knows what she wants and is eager to get it. I like her a lot and hope she does well and really hope to work with her a lot more!! Check out this new set coming soon on www.shemaleyum.com and I’ll preview the other hot one we did on¬†here soon!


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Juliette Stray!! Hip Hip Hooray!!!

February 1, 2010


Juliette Stray is really an amazing girl!! She ranks up there as one of my favorite newcomers of 2010 thus far. She’s just gorgeous and sweet as can be!! And she’s really not even a newcomer to the porn world…just new to the tranny porn scene. Her and Mandy Mitchell came down to L.A. from San Francisco and shot with me over several days. I shot¬†her first 2 sets for www.shemaleyum.com which just went up this week and then¬†also an amazing hardcore with her, Mandy and Amy Daly for¬†www.amydaly.com which¬†is¬†launching very soon.¬†Check that out when it drops. It’s fucking hot!! A few samples…


Juliette is just a very cool chick. Laid back and funny. An easy-going girl next door but with a freaky streak. Tattooed and pierced but also nerdy and cute. She’s fucking sexy as hell!! And she’s a fantastic model. She knows how to use her body¬†in all the right ways for a photographer and for you….the viewer.¬†She loves to suck cock and has an ass just made for lovin’…but guess what guys…she likes the ladies too!!! What more could you want. She’s greeeat. She’s smart and sweet but nasty and very into…well just about everything it seems. Juliette Stray is definitely here to stay.


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January 27, 2010

Well I’ve had a busy few weeks since coming back from the AVNs and partying it up in Vegas with some of the girls. AVNs are a blast!! Of course it would be nice to win something¬†but…it’s a whole system.¬†It was great to hear about the Tranny Awards while there. I went out with Hazel and Olivia and celebrated that while in Vegas. Hazel of course was there to celebrate her 21st b-day as well. Natassia Dreams, Jade, Foxxy, Mia Isabella, Danielle Foxxx all there…the list might go on but I was always drunk.¬†It’s Vegas.¬†Got to hang with Tony Vee and P.K. Vegas. Good times. So since then I’ve been shooting with loads of new talent and a few surprise¬†stars here in L.A. and have neglected my blog a bit.¬†¬†But now I’m back.¬†Thanks to Krissy (www.krissy4ublog.com)¬†for helping with¬†the blog¬† – but now I have loads of¬†hot photos¬†and¬†am really going to make some mouths water here in 2010 with the stuff I’m doing. Model of the month on¬†www.shemaleyum.com ¬†for February…Taleigha. Making her debut. Young, hung and full of cum…with an ass to die for. She was AMAZING!! Come back often. I got more girls coming soon….




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Buddy Wood Shoots Celeste For Shemale Yum!

January 19, 2010

TS Celeste on Shemale Yum! TS Celeste on Shemale Yum!

Whenever Buddy Wood and TS Celeste get together for a photo shoot, you know that the sun is going to shine, bunnies will be hopping through the fields, and warm-fuzzies will be making their rounds to Shemale admirers everywhere! Celeste is one of the hottest girls on the planet and certainly in my top ten list of favorite Shemales ever.

With her tight compact body and those gorgeous legs, who wouldn’t have a little ‘Wood’ envy as Buddy gets up close and personal with Celeste for these shoots. In this new shoot for Shemale Yum, Celeste once again shows why she’s consistently rated as one of the top models on the site!

TS Celeste on Shemale Yum!


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Buddy Wood’s Takes A First And Second Place Finish At The 2009 Tranny Awards!

January 12, 2010

Buddy Wood's: Hazel Does Hollywood! Buddy Wood's: Hazel Does Hollywood!

We told you that this was going to be one big smash of a DVD! Buddy Wood’s Hazel Does Hollywood: A Shemale Pornstar Is Born took top honors at this year’s Tranny Awards in the Best DVD Release (closely followed by Joey Silvera’s Rogue Adventures: Volume 33) category. With Buddy at the helm and an amazing Shemale Star in Hazel Tucker, could it have been any other way?

Buddy did have to take a backseat to Joey Silvera in the Best DVD Director Category though so I suppose things sort of evened out. I’ll let Buddy himself discuss the 2010 AVN Awards since I think was able to attend the show. Congratulations for the Tranny Award wins though, Buddy!

Don’t miss this great shoots from Buddy Wood on Shemale Yum! (in order: Liz, Britney Banks, Desteny, and Natassia Dreams)

Buddy Wood shoots Liz on Shemale Yum! Buddy Wood Shoots Britney Banks on Shemale Yum!

Buddy Wood Shoots Desteny on Shemale Yum! Buddy Wood Shoots Natassia Dreams on Shemale Yum!


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