Poolside Fun in the Summer Sun!!

September 25, 2010

I was looking through some recent shoots and noticed how much quality time I spent this summer by the pool and out back with some gorgeous girls. This is just a few examples of stuff you’ll be seeing soon or that has gone up recently on www.shemaleyum.com, blackt-girls.com and www.shemaleporstar.com. There’s a bunch others and a great one I did with Morgan Bailey that’s already up on Yum (but I can’t find any pics from it on my computer now-lol) that one we REALLY kicked off the summer with. In these there’s this great hardcore I recently did with Foxxy. I hadn’t shot with her in a while and it was really a pleasure…she’s sooooo fucking hot!! So this is sort of a mini-retrospective of the Summer of 2010 in my backyard…


1YazleneReyes 148
Yazlene Reyes a hot newbie who I think could REALLY go places.

Domino Presley looking hot as always…I no need turn on jacuzeee fo her!!

Gina mmmm my sexy babmbina!

Smith giving Nelly some good poolside lovin’.

1Doll yum
The always sweet, charming and elegant Doll came and shot quite a few things with me just last week…

And Nathalie came back and shot with me a few weeks ago…she has a real pretty face & butt!! Good combo.

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Last Call For The Party With Morgan Bailey At Fusion Lounge!

September 15, 2010


This is your final reminder that Saturday the 18th is the night to come party the night away with Morgan Bailey, Shemale Yum and Allanah Starr at Fusion Lounge in NYC! This is the party to celebrate Morgan Bailey’s new DVD release, Morgan Bailey’s Bad Day, which is available for purchase now.

Ever wanted to meet this long-legged Shemale Pornstar in person? This is a great opportunity to do so and perhaps you’ll meet a whole bunch of other Transsexual Performers and Shemale Pornstars as well. Even if you don’t, it’s sure to be a fun night with Allanah Starr at the helm! Come have a drink and a little dance and party the night away… there’s always room for rest on Sunday!


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This Week’s Line Up at Blue Moon Night’s

September 8, 2010

This week is looking great and the weekly event is shaping up even more at Blue Moon Nights every Thursday in North Hollywood. Some of the ideas I have of girls debuting or coming out on various sites like www.shemaleyum.com or www.blackt-girls.com and then go-go dancing at the club is all coming together. Plus all kinds of other fun stuff in coming weeks. And a lot of this help has come from Domino Presley who is the hostess with the mostest at Blue Moon each and every week!!

DP_1_2 865

This week we have tranny superstar cocktail waitresses (get it…cock and tail) Hazel Tucker and Amy Daly. Maybe they’ll do it every week…who knows? Maybe they’ll just get drunk…who cares when they look this good…



And then of course each and every week we have our go-go dancers. I like the idea of a heavy rotation in go-going. Not the same girls every week. A nice core group of local girls (customer favorites). Familiar faces, fantastic bodies but lots of different girls from week to week. Local Hollywood transbeauties and either superstar pornstars like Foxxy last week and Jesse next week or new models from various sites. Check out some of this week’s dancers…Nody Nadia (recently debuted on BTG and one of my FAVORITE new models…this girl will be HUGE), Jenna (Yum favorite), Samantha (Yum favorite) and Eclaire (a sweet newbie debuting on BTG in few weeks). So come on down…..





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Shemale Pornstar Vaniity Launches Her New Site!

September 7, 2010


Well here’s an awesome surprise for all you guys and girls to enjoy after a long Labor Day weekend! Shemale Pornstar and Icon Vaniity has launched her very own Official Site on the SMC Network! Not that TS Vaniity has gone anywhere and not to imply that she needs one, but for lack of a better word, this could be the ‘comeback’ of the year in the world of Shemale porn. Now I know why I haven’t seen too much from this glamorous Shemale in the past few months… she’s been preparing for the launch of Club Vaniity!

You’d be hard-pressed to find another Shemale Pornstar who has had as much impact on the industry and enjoyed the cross-over appeal that TS Vaniity has had during her career. With appearances on mainstream networks like Comedy Central, Playboy TV, and HBO, Vaniity has left and indelible stamp on the world of Shemale porn, and the world of adult entertainment in general. Now all you TS Vaniity Fans (Vaniitopians) can come check out all new, exclusive content on her new Official Site! We’ll bring you some pictures from the site as soon as we’ve had a chance to give it a look over, but if you want to beat us to the punch, just visit The Official Site of TS Vaniity today and become one of the first Vaniitopians to get a look!


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Join Morgan Bailey For Her DVD Release Party At Fusion Lounge!

September 6, 2010


Today is the release date of the new DVD release from Third World Media and Grooby Productions and with footage shot by Buddy Wood, Morgan Bailey’s Bad Day, which means today is your chance to get your hot little hands on this sizzling DVD if you weren’t able to pre-order one last week. Also, we’d like to invite you to a very special release party for Morgan Bailey’s Bad Day at Fusion Lounge in NYC on September 18, 2010 and presented by Allanah Starr and Shemale Yum!

Everyone is invited to come see Morgan Bailey live and in person, and who knows, you may just walk away with your very own free copy of Morgan Bailey’s Bad Day or other cool swag! Contrary to her new DVD’s title, this is sure to be an awesome ending to a fabulous day so make sure to mark your calendars today and come join Morgan and all kinds of other East Coast Transsexual Performers and Fusion Lounge!

morganbailey-badday-f morganbailey-badday-b


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Domino Presley brings that bootie!!

September 2, 2010

5DominoPresleyBW 106

I’ve been shooting a lot with my girl Domino Presley lately and I did promise to show a bit of this so here’s a pic that will be going up on www.shemaleyum.com sometime in the next few weeks. Domino and I had a great meeting with the people at Blue Moon Nights tonight where she will be the new hostess of the night and all festivities. I’ll share some more info and pics tomorrow before the club. It’s late and I have a shoot with Foxxy tomorrow….whew!!

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Blue Moon Nights on Thursdays!!

August 31, 2010

I’ve been bad at updating my blog lately (I’m a busy guy) but I officially vow to keep everyone up to date on all the shemale shenanigans I got going on and share all the latest in Buddy Woodland with hot pics from new shoots and everything else. One of the newest and coolest things is Thursday nights at Blue Moon Nights in North Hollywood. I wrote what’s below the ad on some forums in response to how it all started. Figured I’d share it here along with the announcement that Domino Presley will be a major presence from now on in each and every week at The Tranny Porn Playground. She’ll be the host! (and check back all this week for new exclusive Domino pics!!). This week we have Foxxy as a special guest in our Schoolgirls vs. Bad Girls Night. lol. Crazy shit. Foxxy will be giving away copies of my Shemale Schoolgirls DVD and maybe Hazel Tucker, Amy Daly or Olivia Love will give away a few Morgan Bailey’s Bad Day (Morgan’s outta town so we’re waiting for an official release party for that one). And who knows who else will be there. So anyway…

dom foxx chachacha ready

Thanks to everyone who has come so far. Bottomline…Blue Moon Nights is a pretty cool club with a nice ambience and killer decor and with the right crowd and direction I think our night there can be one of the coolest ts hot-spots out around.

So here’s how this all came about and my outlook on what I’d like it to be…I feel like I should say it at least once…

The Thursday evening that Club Goddess at The Cobra closed Morgan Bailey, Jazmine Jewels and I were sitting around wondering what we should do that night. I mean The Cobra had become a pretty regular Thursday night fixture for me and my friends in LA. I meet new models there. I bring girls from out of town there. It’s very close to my house so I had great after hours parties and it was easy to get to and from. All my friends were always there. It was like my Tranny Cheers. It was really just a major part of my week and all the people I hung out with. And then it was gone….with no notice.

So that night people were calling me asking if I would have a party or some get together. Morgan really wanted to do something fun cuz she was going out of town for a while…I did not wanna have a party cuz I think I had a shoot the next day…so I thought of Blue Moon Nights. A club even closer to my house that I had been to once before with Sparky and my cousin and enjoyed and had met the promoter from and asked about having a ts night there when I was wasted outside of it. Which he and other people since have let me know they had in the past. Now I was very hesitant about doing this because I knew it could open a can of worms and responsibilities…but ultimately a lot of my friends wanted a place to hang out that first night…and that’s all it was.

So I called him and within three hours they opened the place up for us and we had a great nite with a DJ and whoever had heard about it and could come with little notice. The bar seemed happy cuz they made some good money and we talked about doing it the next week. Leslie from Goddess and I were in contact throughout the first week as I was trying to get her involved…but ultimately she decided to do her own thing on Mondays at MJs. So here we are…

And here’s how I see it…I’m not a club promoter. I’m a pornographer. But I’m a pornographer who knows, hangs out with, shoots and sometimes discovers some of the hottest and most popular transsexual models (and non-models) out there. I’m also a pretty good host and throw a pretty good party. Why not create one hot spot for all that and everyone that’s into it!! And I have the powerhouse backing of Grooby and Sparky Snakeden to help so…it’s all good in Buddy Wood’s Shemale hood. I want this place to be a hip, fun environment for everyone in the community with the backdrop of tranny porn..cuz that’s what I do and who I know. lol. A new girl debuts on Yum or black-tgirls…maybe she’ll be go go dancing there that week. Any girl from any company that wants to do promotions or do signings…more than welcome. Sounds cool. I mean in a way…it’s fucking perfect.

So check it out…great DJs, nice environment, beautiful ladies. The idea from the first night hasn’t really changed at all. A place for my friends to hang out. I just wanna make some more friends.

And you don’t have to be a porn star to come…you just gotta be okay with seeing some.

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Please Join Trans/Giving At The Annual TG Film Festival!

August 23, 2010

Trans/Giving Film Festival!

Today I’d like to take a little timeout for a PSA and invite ALL of you to come attend the Trans/Giving Annual TG Film Festival on August 28, 2010 at The Renberg Theatre. This year’s annual event features films that showcase Transgendered individuals and the struggles they undergo. The lineup includes both the humorous and human elements of being Transgendered in today’s world and should be an informative and fun filled afternoon.

If you would like to know more about Trans/Giving please visit their Official Website at: www.transgiving.com and do some reading up on the artists, Transgendered news, and the Trans/Giving organizers, Amy (as in Amy Daly), Kalil, Ofelia, Kale, and Frankie. I think it’s awesome that these five individuals have gotten together to help organize and showcase the variety of artistic talents the Transgendered community has to offer. I really like this line on their website stating:

Trans/Giving believes that the strongest statement we can make as artists is simply through our art.

A simple statement to be sure but loaded with truths. Please help support this growing annual event and even if you can’t make it, please be sure to bookmark and keep up with what’s happening with the Trans/Giving folks at their website. Thanks for reading this post and I hope to see you all there!

Annual TG Film Festival
Presented By: Trans/Giving
August 28, 2010, 11:30am – 9:00pm
The Renberg Theatre
1125 N. McCadden Place
Los Angeles, CA 90038

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Pre-Order Buddy Wood’s Morgan Bailey’s Bad Day Right Now!

August 20, 2010

The long awaited release from Buddy Wood and Grooby Productions is finally arriving and you need to RUN to get your pre-order in so you’ll be assured a copy of what is sure to be one of the hottest DVD releases of the year! It’s Morgan Bailey’s Bad Day, released by Grooby Productions! Think times are tough for you these days? Try walking a day in the high heels of Shemale Pornstar Morgan Bailey and then see just how good your life is!

I personally have been waiting for this DVD to release ever since I saw a trailer of it at the 2009 Tranny Awards, and I’m sure I’m not the only one waiting on pins and needles to see the full movie! Check out this trailer for yourself and then make sure to place your pre-order. Morgan Bailey’s Bad Day will be released on 9/06/10 and I will tell you, these are going to go FAST so don’t miss out!

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Reminder: Join Hazel Tucker At Allanah Starr’s Reform School Tranny Girls Party!

August 13, 2010


Just a brief reminder that this is the final day to get your ass up to NYC for the Shemale Yum and Allanah Starr Reform School Tranny Girls party on August 14, 2010 at Fusion Lounge! With Shemale Yum being the biggest Shemale site on the planet, Allanah Starr’s legendary party history, and featuring Shemale Superstar Hazel Tucker’s first East Coast appearance live on stage, this is sure to be one party that you’ll remember for years to come!

So, work hard all day today and then give yourself an awesome treat tomorrow night! Be there, bring your naughty, and be prepared to dance the night away! Guys, girls, and Tgirls welcome!

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