Stephanie is just a sexy little latina thang!!

July 22, 2009


So like I mentioned in the last post Nelly brought along her friend Stephanie for a Yum shoot – and Stephanie is a very fresh and new ts hottie. Ripe off the tranny tree.

Stephanie didn’t speak much english (not uncommon here in L.A.) but that’s not always necessary when you speak the international language of “show me your ass and cock you horny girl”. I was very impressed with just how pretty she was and how horny she got. We had a good time and I hope to work with her again soon. Look for her on soon.

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Nelly and Roxxy having a Tranny Hootenanny!!

July 19, 2009

Nelly&Roxxy cowgirls

I had the pleasure of shooting Nelly again this week for ShemaleYum and she brought along her cousin Roxxy!!

Nelly is without a doubt one of the sexiest new girls on the Tranny porn circuit here in LA and just overall one of the  hottest Latina Shemales out there. She actually kind of reminds me of a Mexican Kimber James…super sexy, ultra-feminine, petite and thin but with all the right lady lumps and curves. A great ass and a cock that seems to work on command. I like her a lot. I’d been trying to shoot her cousin Roxxy for a while now and finally just told Nelly to bring her over and we could all shoot. As a bonus Nelly brought another young Latina girl that I shot solo…I’ll show her on a later post. Hot!!

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Hazel Tucker and Amy Daly have been bad girls!!

July 15, 2009


Hazel Tucker and Amy Daly have been very naughty t-girls.

Misbehaving during class and not doing their homework. So Professor Wood had to give them a little after school detention to teach them a lesson. Little did I know that they’d get even naughtier while in there!!

This is a shoot I did for a “soon to be announced” solo t-girl site. Hazel and Amy have become pretty good friends through hanging out at my place so they were all up for shooting this fun set and accompanying clip. It’s always nice when I can take two of my model discoveries and create something new and beautiful with them together. Very Hot stuff!!


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Olivia Love and Morgan Bailey playing in my pool!

July 12, 2009

Haz&amy 075Haz&amy 037Haz&amy 120Haz&amy 049

I spent yesterday hanging out a bit by the pool with Morgan Bailey and Olivia Love.

We did some planning for a project that we’ll be working on in the next couple of weeks…but these ladies like to have fun in the hot California sun!! Two irish t-girls?? Damn right we had some cocktails. I didn’t want to get my camera wet so…only got a few pics.

And hey I figured out how to put watermarks on pics now!!! So I’ll be updating my blog on a far more regularly basis now. Check back often.

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Hazel Does Hollywood Is Officially Released Today!!

July 8, 2009

Buddy Wood's Hazel Does Hollywood Official Release Today!

The newest Buddy Wood’s DVD, “Hazel Does Hollywood: A Shemale Pornstar is Born” is officially being released today!

I’m extremely excited about this one. It stars Hazel Tucker and follows her on her erotic journeys and sexual awakenings as she embarks on her career in porn. I like to think of it as a throwback to old school porn with a bit of a story. It’s cheezy and fun but it works. Mostly because it’s hot as hell. She meets Tranny Pornstar Jesse who REALLY shows her the ropes and who introduces her to all the right people. Then there’s just a ton of Hazel having great sex!

I’m very proud of this DVD. Everyone stepped up and did a great job…especially Hazel who really gave 100% and was really looking to make this something special. Hazel’s with guys, another TS, she even loses her virginity in it with a real girl. She sticks her she-weiner in a pussy for the first time ever!! Seriously. I have original music by Heath Lane & The Bombardiers which totally rocks and completely makes the movie. It’s just a fucking killer DVD. Buy it!! Hazel gets some profits so you’ll either be contributing to her tit job or possibly a college education. She hasn’t decided which is more important.

ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY FOR ONLY $29.99 at Shemale Video Direct!

Watch the trailer here!

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Celeste Is One of the Best!!!

July 6, 2009


Celeste in Shemale Neighborhood 1

Celeste in 2003 on Shemale Yum! Celeste in 2009 on Shemale Yum! Celeste in 2003 on Shemale Yum!

This past week I got to hang out a bit with one of the girls I’ve known the longest in this crazy Tranny porn world…the absolutely gorgeous and always fun Celeste.

She came in town for Bob’s T-girls 10th Anniversary party and we all had a blast at Club Cobra and…as usual…ended up back at my place for some crazy Shemale shenanigans. Let’s just say that she and Olivia Love really got Hazel Tucker and Amy Daly to “open up” and we all got a great show out of it.

Her and I really do go way back though. I met her in San Francisco in 2002 and she was one of the first girls I ever shot for ShemaleYum. Honestly I think she was my third shoot. Since then she was in my first DVD…Buddy Wood’s Shemale Neighborhood…and we’ve done a few sets together here and there…but for her and I it’s really always about getting together and having a good time. At some point I’ll put some candid shots up from when we’ve hung out…if she lets me…but for now I thought it would be cool to take a look at some photos from my first shoots with her compared to the most recent. Celeste is definitely one of the best!!


Celeste on Shemale Yum Recently! Celeste on Shemale Yum Recently! Celeste on Shemale Yum Recently!

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Happy 4th From Hazel Tucker and Amy Daly! Oh.. and me too!

July 4, 2009

Hazel Tucker 4th of July Shoot!

Happy Independence Day everyone! Along with being the anniversary of America’s independence…it’s also the anniversary of the day I introduced the world to new Shemale Superstar Hazel Tucker. I’m not saying that’s equally as important…but time will tell.

That’s right. It was 1 year ago today that she made her debut on ShemaleYum with our 4th of July set. This year I chose another All-American cutie with a sweet Tranny bootie that I was proud to discover…Amy Daly. God Bless America!!

Amy Daly 4th of July Shoot!


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Ciao Bella! Some Pictures From My Shoot With Bella Bellucci!

July 4, 2009

Bellucci Coochie!! Bellucci Coochie!!

Bella is a tall drink of Tranny water that I met out at The Palms here in L.A. Interesting and alluring lady.

First night I met her I had a few people back at my place. It was then that she expressed her interests in possibly shooting…and her love for Vodka… straight from the bottle!! My kind of girl. It took her a while to finally make the leap but I’m very glad we did and I’m very happy with the outcome. Hazel Tucker did a great job on her make-up as she’s been doing on a lot of my shoots lately and although Bella was a bit nervous at first I think she warmed up to the idea of being seen by and turning on such a wide audience of Shemale lovers. She’s a smart girl too with some aspirations in this crazy biz. She’s definitely got the cock for it and a nice rump to match. We’ll be seeing a lot more of Bella I’m sure so remember the name and remember you saw her first here on the Buddy Wood Blog! Ciao Bella!!

Bella Bootie! Mangia Bella!!
Those bedroom eyezz!

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Welcome to the First Post on Buddy Wood’s Blog!

June 27, 2009

Well I finally got my own little piece of the web. My name is Buddy Wood and I’m a photographer and video director for Grooby Productions.

I live in L.A. and I meet, shoot and hang out with some of the hottest Transsexual models and Shemale porn stars in the world! If that interests you…then check out the Buddy Wood Blog from time to time. I have so many stories and pics I really don’t even know where to begin. I should have had this thing going a few years ago but I’ll make sure to get everyone up to speed on my weekly (and sometimes nightly) adventures and all the shoots, projects and T-girls I’m working on….and in. Thanks for stopping by and make sure to visit often. It’ll be a good time. It ALWAYS is !!

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