Astrid Shay tells the best Bedtime Stories!!!

September 3, 2009


That’s right. Another gorgeous t-girl in the cast of my next DVD release Buddy Wood’s Shemale Bedtime Stories  is the  super-sexy Astrid Shay.

I first met Astrid in April when she came out to shoot several sets  for shemaleyum and we did a scene with her and Christian for the DVD I was collecting scenes for at that time as well. I got to know Astrid very well and she came back to L.A. maybe a month later and I thought of  having her and the final girl in the DVD tie all the scenes I had shot together by having Astrid tell this other girl little bedtime stories (the scenes).  Hence the title of the DVD. So Astrid is trying to get this other rambunctious little tranny to go to sleep by telling her different bedtime stories filled with exciting shemale shenanigans and ass pounding adventures. Do they have a scene together as well??? I’m not telling yet.

These are a few pics from some as of yet unreleased sets of Astrid going on Yum. I had forgot about them…oops. Or maybe I strategically waited until the DVD was about to drop til I released them.

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Holly Sweet is another Bedtime Treat in my next DVD!!!

August 31, 2009

holly 052 

Buddy Wood’s Shemale Bedtime Stories is getting closer and closer to being released and as promised…here’s another Shemale Superstar who is part of the all-star cast!!

I had first met Holly in San Diego maybe three years ago and I was very impressed with her overall – as a person and a model. I mean those titties…you just have to hear their story. We had talked for a while about working together and finally shot a few very hot sets for Shemaleyum ( all up on site already). After I moved to L.A. I wanted her in one of my DVDs and shot the pics  this scene comes from with her and Jagger well over a year ago actually. I finally found a good home for the scene on Shemale Bedtime Stories and ohhhh what a story it is. Naughty Holly…cruising the streets for boys by day so she can sleep well at night. It’s greaaat and actually (if I remember correctly) her first time bottoming for a video. Don’t quote me on that one…but I think so. Several other scenes may have been released since then but…I think this was her first time getting fucked on film. A few teaser pics…

holly 003holly 134holly 119

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Hazel Tucker…don’t you just wanna…

August 26, 2009


…join her website. Of course you do. She’s one of the hottest t-girls alive with the most innocent  looks yet most naughty streak to come around in a long time.

I’ve been shooting KILLER content on and off with Hazel for a few months now and it looks like is just about ready to launch. I’ve already shown bits from hardcores with Amy Daly and Morgan Bailey but I don’t want to give away too much. I’ve got a few more clips to edit and sets to go through and the magicians that design and make things click and appear on the web are putting their final touches on things…but it looks pretty fucking cool and I’m very happy with all the content so far.  If you’re a fan of Hazel’s…or even just hot trannies…join it when it launches. Lots of variety and creativity…that’s what I’m pushing for. She brings the rest.

I heard a calling for a few more samples. Here’s a few to hold everyone over til the launch…look for a trailer I’m cutting together coming soon too.


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Natassia Dreams loves my giant veiny cock!!

August 21, 2009


Ohhh it’s a dildo I didn’t mention that did I. But she loves my giant veiny cock too…she told me so.

Natassia Dreams is one of the HOTTEST t-girls and most natural and brilliant performers working right now. Beautiful face and flawless body! These pics are from a set we did for a couple months back. We hung out for 2 days and did several sets for Yum and Black-tgirls. She’s just a chill chick…bottomline. Funny, sexy, smart, baby-got-back, baby-got-style. And she could kick your ass if she wanted to with some Krav Magra (I think that’s it) I love her!!  She’s been to my birthday parties in San Diego the past 2 years in a row and this year brought a delicious bottle of Tequila that really kick started the party. I haven’t had her in any of my DVDs yet – but she was the winner of the Tranny Award this year (which we talk about in the clips on BTG and YUM) and I’ll  get her in a Buddy Wood Production soon. In the meantime enjoy her enjoying my big veiny cock .


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Felicia Katt…is where it’s at!!!

August 17, 2009

 felicia 1

Anybody that hangs out in the ts clubs in L.A. knows Felicia Katt (center front in pic). She’s become a very good friend to me, she’s a great person all around and on top of it all – she’s a fantastic designated driver. Even when she doesn’t know she’s gonna be one. When I first moved to L.A. she was even my unofficial social director letting me know all the ts hot-spots to hit and on which nights. She’s a good friend to many of the most popular girls in the industry and she’s just quite simply a really cool chick and a staple of the L.A. scene.

Now being who I am and doing what I do people are constantly handing me cameras at the bars and asking me to take pictures of them. Or maybe it has nothing to do with who I am and I’m just always standing there. No…not taking pictures of me or with me (maybe sometimes) but handing me their cameras “Oh Buddy can you get a shot of us?” With Felicia it’s only on special occasions and with certain girls so I never really mind when she asks. This was a night I brought out Hazel, Amy Daly and Morgan Bailey and snapped a few shots with Felicia’s cam. Check out her blog at

Felicia 2

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Cuddle up next to Doll for a Bedtime Story!!

August 13, 2009

1Doll 126

Another scene in my newest DVD…Shemale Bedtime Stories… features the saucy little T-temptress Doll. She has one of the lovliest asses in the biz. Her and Jessica Host  actually have brilliant asses. So hey there’s 2 of the lovliest asses in tranny porn in this DVD so far…in my opinion anyway.

This tranny firecracker is like a barrel of monkeys on viagra…but way sexier. She just exudes “cum-fuck-me”. We shot this scene quite a few months back too – by now she probably thinks I kept it for my private collection. It’s a great scene with her and Christian where they just really go at it and fuck like horned up jack rabbits. I think they almost broke my infamous futon. Great scene!!

1Doll 253

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Shemale Bedtime Stories…coming soon!!

August 10, 2009


My newest DVD should be coming out in the next month or so…Buddy Wood’s Shemale Bedtime Stories.

Rather than just announcing everybody that’s in it and what it’s all about I figured I’d slowly post some pics and info on here over the next few weeks until the box cover and trailer is ready to roll.

In one scene I have the gorgeous and super-sexy Jessica Host and the amazing and always hot Jesse. These girls are 2 of the hottest and most sought aftert-girls in the biz. I had shot Jessica a few years earlier in my Shemale Schoolgirls DVD and worked with her several times for Yum. And this shoot was actually done before I shot Jesse in Hazel Does Hollywood and I was so impressed with her here I had to work with her again. Buddy Wood’s Shemale Bedtime Stories…more coming soon.


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Olivia, Morgan and Hazel…Those Crazy Trannycats!!

August 6, 2009

thirsty shemales

Fans of the girls are always asking me what it’s like to hang out with the hottest tranny porn stars. It can be fun. But it can also be a lot of work. You really have to know how to treat them well…but learn how to discipline them as well.

Just recently Olivia Love, Morgan Bailey and Hazel Tucker weren’t playing well together in the house so I had to put them out in the backyard.  I did give them a fresh bowl of  “punch” and as you can see…they were very thirsty trannycats. The more dominant tranny can get downright nasty!

thirsty shemales 2

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Morgan Bailey Fucks Hazel Tucker!!

July 31, 2009


Yep…that pretty much sums it up!!

Actually I’ve been hanging out with Morgan (and her big organ) Bailey a lot lately. She’s a great girl, a fantastic model and a lot of fucking fun to go out with. We’re finishing up shooting on a DVD starring her which I’ll post pics from on here in the future and we’ve done several shoots for Yum as well. This with Morgan and Hazel is actually for Hazel’s upcoming solo site which Morgan was happy and up (pun intended) to shoot for. They start off in the kitchen, fuck on the counter tops…then make their way to the living room. Good stuff!!

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Danielle Foxxx and her new Box totally Rocks!

July 29, 2009

hot new pussy!!

I was the last to shoot the Superstar Danielle Foxxx with her lovely stick pussy so obviously I should be one of the first to shoot her and her gorgeous new fish taco…right? Hell Yeah!!

We got together a few weeks ago and did several sets for ShemaleYum that should be coming out very soon and I gotta say…she looked better than ever. Her body is a work of art and she’s still one of the best and most natural perforrmers in front of a camera…ever. And I think everyone will be pretty impressed with the work we did. Very up close and personal!! Look for it on yum  but until then…enjoy this little taste.

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