Blue Moon Nights on Thursdays!!

August 31, 2010

I’ve been bad at updating my blog lately (I’m a busy guy) but I officially vow to keep everyone up to date on all the shemale shenanigans I got going on and share all the latest in Buddy Woodland with hot pics from new shoots and everything else. One of the newest and coolest things is Thursday nights at Blue Moon Nights in North Hollywood. I wrote what’s below the ad on some forums in response to how it all started. Figured I’d share it here along with the announcement that Domino Presley will be a major presence from now on in each and every week at The Tranny Porn Playground. She’ll be the host! (and check back all this week for new exclusive Domino pics!!). This week we have Foxxy as a special guest in our Schoolgirls vs. Bad Girls Night. lol. Crazy shit. Foxxy will be giving away copies of my Shemale Schoolgirls DVD and maybe Hazel Tucker, Amy Daly or Olivia Love will give away a few Morgan Bailey’s Bad Day (Morgan’s outta town so we’re waiting for an official release party for that one). And who knows who else will be there. So anyway…

dom foxx chachacha ready

Thanks to everyone who has come so far. Bottomline…Blue Moon Nights is a pretty cool club with a nice ambience and killer decor and with the right crowd and direction I think our night there can be one of the coolest ts hot-spots out around.

So here’s how this all came about and my outlook on what I’d like it to be…I feel like I should say it at least once…

The Thursday evening that Club Goddess at The Cobra closed Morgan Bailey, Jazmine Jewels and I were sitting around wondering what we should do that night. I mean The Cobra had become a pretty regular Thursday night fixture for me and my friends in LA. I meet new models there. I bring girls from out of town there. It’s very close to my house so I had great after hours parties and it was easy to get to and from. All my friends were always there. It was like my Tranny Cheers. It was really just a major part of my week and all the people I hung out with. And then it was gone….with no notice.

So that night people were calling me asking if I would have a party or some get together. Morgan really wanted to do something fun cuz she was going out of town for a while…I did not wanna have a party cuz I think I had a shoot the next day…so I thought of Blue Moon Nights. A club even closer to my house that I had been to once before with Sparky and my cousin and enjoyed and had met the promoter from and asked about having a ts night there when I was wasted outside of it. Which he and other people since have let me know they had in the past. Now I was very hesitant about doing this because I knew it could open a can of worms and responsibilities…but ultimately a lot of my friends wanted a place to hang out that first night…and that’s all it was.

So I called him and within three hours they opened the place up for us and we had a great nite with a DJ and whoever had heard about it and could come with little notice. The bar seemed happy cuz they made some good money and we talked about doing it the next week. Leslie from Goddess and I were in contact throughout the first week as I was trying to get her involved…but ultimately she decided to do her own thing on Mondays at MJs. So here we are…

And here’s how I see it…I’m not a club promoter. I’m a pornographer. But I’m a pornographer who knows, hangs out with, shoots and sometimes discovers some of the hottest and most popular transsexual models (and non-models) out there. I’m also a pretty good host and throw a pretty good party. Why not create one hot spot for all that and everyone that’s into it!! And I have the powerhouse backing of Grooby and Sparky Snakeden to help so…it’s all good in Buddy Wood’s Shemale hood. I want this place to be a hip, fun environment for everyone in the community with the backdrop of tranny porn..cuz that’s what I do and who I know. lol. A new girl debuts on Yum or black-tgirls…maybe she’ll be go go dancing there that week. Any girl from any company that wants to do promotions or do signings…more than welcome. Sounds cool. I mean in a way…it’s fucking perfect.

So check it out…great DJs, nice environment, beautiful ladies. The idea from the first night hasn’t really changed at all. A place for my friends to hang out. I just wanna make some more friends.

And you don’t have to be a porn star to come…you just gotta be okay with seeing some.

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