Britney Markham is an impressive new hottie!!

November 9, 2009


I met Britney Markham out at The Oxwood here in L.A. a few weeks back and immediately recognized her from a shoot she did with She’s fucking hot as hell. There’s no doubt about that. But she’s also one of those girls that’s pretty fun to just chill with as well. I like that…


We had a great time doing some sets for and definitely plan on doing some more work very soon. This is a girl that has all the potential of someone who could really blow up big….and she wants to.  And she only lives a few block away from me so…she’ll become an intregal part of Buddy Wood’s Shemale Neighborhood!!

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6 Responses

  1. She is definately a honey. You get all the hot girls Buddy !

  2. i am very interested in getting together with you. i am very classy and discreet.

  3. i cant belive it shes so fucking amazeing i want to see more of this beauty i cant wait when is her set comeing out and when will i get to see more of her were can i find her stuff?

  4. Buddy, you’ve GOT to introduce me to this one one day. 🙂

  5. this has got to be one of the most lagit looking girls i have ever seen when do we get to see her video on yum? what other websites is she on im jacking off to this girl all the time for sure now nice buddy!

  6. so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

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