Astrid Shay tells the best Bedtime Stories!!!

September 3, 2009


That’s right. Another gorgeous t-girl in the cast of my next DVD release Buddy Wood’s Shemale Bedtime Stories  is the  super-sexy Astrid Shay.

I first met Astrid in April when she came out to shoot several sets  for shemaleyum and we did a scene with her and Christian for the DVD I was collecting scenes for at that time as well. I got to know Astrid very well and she came back to L.A. maybe a month later and I thought of  having her and the final girl in the DVD tie all the scenes I had shot together by having Astrid tell this other girl little bedtime stories (the scenes).  Hence the title of the DVD. So Astrid is trying to get this other rambunctious little tranny to go to sleep by telling her different bedtime stories filled with exciting shemale shenanigans and ass pounding adventures. Do they have a scene together as well??? I’m not telling yet.

These are a few pics from some as of yet unreleased sets of Astrid going on Yum. I had forgot about them…oops. Or maybe I strategically waited until the DVD was about to drop til I released them.

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  1. Ya killin me Buddy … It’s sexy overload , this dvd needs to come in a flame retardant case … it’s too HOT! 😉

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