Ashley George comes to L.A.!!

February 12, 2010


Little Ashley George has made quite a splash over the past few months on various sites and on all the tranny lovin’ boards. I actually first contacted Ashley about a year ago and at the time she was very excited to start shooting and told me she’d give me a call when she graduated…I had no idea she meant high school. lol. She reassured me she was 18 (she actually just turned 19 last week) and I was really hoping to be the first to work with Ashley. It didn’t pan out and Tony Vee got his lenses on her first for and an awesome debut.


Ashley finally made it out to L.A. a few weeks ago with my friend Jasmine Jewels (of who is the official photographer of Ashley’s new site ( and we all got to hang out quite a bit. Little Ashley is just a really sweet girl. She’s actually beyond sweet and goes into a whole new territory of sweetness that is hard to define. Yes you really want to fuck her when you meet her…but you also wanna take her on a ferris wheel and buy her cotton candy. A beautiful smile and an innocence that is completely endearing. And she’s not naive by any means. This girl knows what she wants and is eager to get it. I like her a lot and hope she does well and really hope to work with her a lot more!! Check out this new set coming soon on and I’ll preview the other hot one we did on here soon!


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5 Responses

  1. I remember telling her “You know you’ve made it , when you end up in Buddy’s hot tub.”

    Did she get wet? In the hot tub i mean. 😀

  2. lol. Actually no she never got in the hot tub. It was pretty cold (for So Cal) and raining most of the time she was here. We had a few hours of sunshine to get this shoot in. But she did want to get in very badly…maybe because of you Rockabilly!!

  3. There’s always next time. lol

    Ya gotta get her in that tub …. it’s like a trans baptism. Or that pink bedroom ….. or kitchen.

  4. i love you so much

    very nice

    so hot

  5. how can iget you honey?

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