Amy Daly gets detention at!!

November 4, 2009


I did a little teaser pleaser with some of these pics quite a while back when I first took them and they were very very popular. So now that is up and running and this hot set with Amy Daly and Hazel Tucker passing their time away in detention hall is this week’s newest update on Hazel’s site I figured I’d give a bigger and better taste to entice those who are silliest enough not yet to have joined her site…


Amy is a fantastic model and a good friend of mine now and I’m really happy to have been the first to ever shoot her anywhere  for We’ve done quite a few sets there now and I’m sure we’ll do more and have recently talked about shooting for soon too. This shoot for Hazel’s site was her first hardcore ever shot if I’m not mistaken…


She also does a brilliant job in my next DVD release Morgan Bailey’s Bad Day (coming along nicely) in which she gets to do a little acting as well as play a pivotal role and have a hot threesome. But for now…you’ll just have to join cuz this is about as hot as it fucking gets…


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3 Responses

  1. Ok now i’ve died and went to heaven. Hazel and Amy together is the stuff dreams are made of. If i could be w/ only 2 girls at once … i’d like it to be Hazel and Amy. Thanks Buddy.

  2. I agree with Rockabilly! to be dommed by these two would be heaven!

  3. The final shot of Amy getting head just blows me away in ecstasy. Amy has the finest natural breasts of any Trans Woman I’ve seen. They look so well developed, and shaped so perky. The over all shape and look of her body is outstanding. Then she performs like a real star, with her ability to become so erect and full. I’m full of envy of that lady giving Amy head. What a lucky girl!!

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