About Me

A little about me for those of you who care… for those of you who don’t, for fuck’s sake… at least scroll down and check out some of my pics.

I was born in Chicago in the early 70’s. My father was a Vietnam veteran and my mother was a prostitute at a local whorehouse. They both died when I was 3 years old in a police raid. Billy-clubbed to death for refusing to give up their right to keep fucking during that raid. I was then taken in and raised by the only Transsexual in that house. She took me in as her own. Her name was Mahogany…Mahogany Wood. I called her Mamma Wood. She was a strong black Transsexual woman and it was through her I learned to accept all people regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation, career choice or gender identity. She taught me well and sent me off into the world – a well prepared young man. Growing up in a whorehouse I always had pornography around me so naturally I had a strong desire to excel in this fascinating field. I moved to San Francisco, immersed myself in its underworld, went to film school where I made mostly sexually orientated films about schoolgirls and vampires and then made my way to southern California where I started my career with Grooby Productions. True story.


Overt and unabashed femininity and sexuality. I like hot girly girls. High heels on a woman. Legs and ass. And quite frankly TS women can be some of the sexiest women on the planet – whether they pull it off or not at least they’re always trying.

Anal sex. It’s nasty and wrong but godammit I”ve craved it ever since I knew it was an option as a pre-pubescent teen. None of my GG girlfriends ever let me do it. Fucking whores! With a TS it’s the only option for hot love making. There you have it. I like to stick my weiner in a hot ass.

Something different. When I first started going to TS bars when I was in my early 20’s it was just something different and fun. I was bored with drunk girls at straight bars. Trannys were fun and exciting and they would hit on me and stick their hands down my pants. Good times!

Interesting people. I’ve met a lot of really cool girls. Fun and interesting girls with amazing stories that would blow you away. I’m attracted to people with interesting lives.

A TS understands you a bit more than a GG ever will…I think. Whether she’s sucking your dick really really well cuz she has one and knows how to (and understands the incredible importance of this skill and time together), is being open to all your perversions cuz she has a few herself, is watching stupid movies with you (cuz she thinks a bit like a guy still) or just leaves you the fuck alone cuz she understands the importance of that (or is pretty busy herself). There’s a weird connection. As much as she may not want to have ever been a man and changed herself into a beautiful woman…she still knows what it’s like to battle that testosterone. She gets you because she knows what it’s like to be you.

And I like a woman that likes to please her man…a lot. A TS woman REALLY understands that.

Now you know. Seriously speaking, Buddy Wood is one of the premier photographers of Transsexuals and Shemale Pornstars in the world as well as Director and Co-Producer of many Transsexual related videos (for the old folks) and DVD’s (for the young’ns). I’ve lurked behind the scenes on many TS Message Boards and I’ve always seen Buddy Wood stand up for equality and fairness to all persons, even if he doesn’t know them personally. He is a true believer in what he does and gives himself to the Industry in more ways than the general public will ever know.

Buddy Wood has rubbed shoulders, and possibly other body parts, with some of the biggest names in the Shemale Pornstar Industry and yet, remains down to earth with two feet on the ground. Far from the glamorous life most of us think he must have, Buddy Wood can most often be seen lugging around pounds and pounds of camera equipment, crouching in some awkward position and being dripped on by numerous bodily liquids… camera lens pointed high and capturing some of the best pictures the world has ever seen… well, at least the Shemale Pornstar Industry… well, ok… a few people. We luv ya Buddy!

Kimber James, Hazel Tucker, Yasmin Lee, Khloe Hart

Shemale Star Kimber James Photographed by Buddy Wood for Shemale Yum! Shemale Star Hazel Tucker photographed by Buddy Wood for Shemale Yum!

Shemale Superstar Yasmin Lee photographed by Buddy Wood for Shemale Yum! Khloe Hart Photographed by Buddy Wood for Shemale Yum!


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